Sunday, December 27, 2009

Disney's Wonderful World of Video Games (part 2)

Sitting around, not feeling to great, I've decided it's about time I give the rest of my 10 Disney Video Games list. Of course, here's a soundtrack for those of you who enjoyed having one the last time:

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#7) Mickey Mousecapade (for the NES)
  • Remember in my last blog when I mentioned Capcom's successful run with the Disney video game franchise? Well Micky Mousecapade started it all. A classic platformer with nice graphics (which at that point of time in gaming history meant you could generally tell what it was you were looking at). Control Mickey Mouse (followed closely with Minnie) as you work towards rescuing their mystery friend (spoiler: it's Alice, they hang out apparently). Along the way fight a wide and pretty random assortment of Disney villains including walking brooms, the evil queen, Peg-leg Pete, random Wonderland characters, (chubby) Maleficent, among others. It's fun and challenging in that way most classic NES platformers are (you know, the kind that generally frustrate you enough to the point which you want to throw your controller through the window). This game reminds players what makes Mickey Mouse such a swell character: His love of his friends, Minnie, and throwing stars.
#6) The Lion King (For a bunch of systems, like the SNES and Genesis, though I had it for the Sega Game Gear)
  • The 16-bit generation of Video Gaming consoles continued Disney's success in making awesome video games. This game was pretty beautiful. All the sprites and backgrounds were drawn by real Disney Animators. The levels were stylized much like the different scenes in the movie, including a vibrant "Just Can't Wait To Be King" level as well as a dark and dreary "Be Prepared" level. Of course, like all classic games of this sort, it was incredibly hard. Even the easy mode was incredibly difficult. I only recall beating it once, and that was with many attempts prior.

#5) Toy Story (for the Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis)
  • I remember finding this game incredibly hard as a kid. Looking back it really was an outstanding game. The graphics were incredible (only slightly better for the Genesis than the Super Nintendo). The background is set apart from the foreground and moves at a different pace. Background characters go about their daily tasks as you make your way through the levels. There's just an excellent attention to detail here that unfortunately you just don't see in games made after movies anymore.

Why does this take so long to write? Well more to come soon, I promise!

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